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Note: This are all the latest version of the cars, download them and replace the old ones with the same name.

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Toyota Supra Twin turbo (Upgraded)

Stock, with TRD wheels and special exhaust


Ronald555552's and Tappethead's Shelby GT500E

Fixed wheels


VW Golf GTI turbo by HKS

Racing tyres and wheels


Ferrari 360 Modena by Räikkönen's mechanic

Stock, with special exhaust by Räikkönen's

Download Watch

Lamborghini Murcielago by Al Burtoni's Milano Imports

Stock, with Milano Imports exhaust and special wheels


Lamborghini Murcielago Turbo by Heffner Performance

Highly tuned, desert eagle on passanger seat


Tappethead's Supercharged Camaro SS

Changed Wheels


Tappethead's BMW M3 E46

New BBS wheels, updated engine sound, new color


Ferrari 360 Modena Twin Turbo by Koenig-Specials

GT style exhaust, racing tires, special painting, etc.

Download Black Yellow